/keywords/serp POST

Allows you to pull the top ~100 results for the given check_id (dependant on the engine, phrase and user-agent combination).

Required parameters

Name Type Description
check_id string The check_id supplied by the /keywords/check endpoint, or the callback facility.

Optional parameters

Name Type Description
domain string Restrict results to only those that match the given root domain.



Example response

The JSON response contains two arrays that you need to be aware of. The "pages" section is a key/value pair representing the first 3 pages of the SERP where the key is the page number and the value is the first results position #. In the example below, page 2 starts on position 16 and page 3 starts on position 26. (Please note that this is only available on engines where we process multiple pages).

The results section is also given as a key/value; with the key being the result position number and the value being an array of the result data. Below is a cut-down example JSON response (full example here), and below that is a table explaining possible result attributes.

    "status": "ok",
    "request_time": 1332359153,
    "data": {
        "pages": {
            "1": 1,
            "2": 16,
            "3": 26
        "results": {
            "1": {
                "href": "http:\/\/www.firstpizza.com\/",
                "title": "Lombardi's Pizza",
                "desc": "",
                "contains": {
                    "sitelinks": [{
                        "title": "Menu",
                        "href": "http:\/\/www.firstpizza.com\/menu.html"
                    }, {
                        "title": "Lombardi's Pizza",
                        "href": "http:\/\/www.firstpizza.com\/newyork.html"
                    }, {
                        "title": "Reviews",
                        "href": "http:\/\/www.firstpizza.com\/reviews.html"
                "type": "universal:local",
                "attributes": {
                    "places_href": ["https:\/\/plus.google.com\/108610328139747949955\/about%3Fhl%3Den"]
            "2": {
                "href": "http:\/\/www.adriennespizzabar.com\/",
                "title": "Adrienne's Pizza Bar",
                "desc": "",
                "type": "universal:local",
                "attributes": {
                    "places_href": ["https:\/\/plus.google.com\/107094922930011974533\/about%3Fhl%3Den"]
            /* ----- snip ----- */
            "105": {
                "href": "http:\/\/www.youtube.com\/watch?v=-3F8cJFBNN0",
                "title": "Gluten Free Pizza Nyc - YouTube",
                "desc": "Jun 7, 2012 - 49 sec - Uploaded by unevenhuman28xL Go Here: http:\/\/opennewspress.com\/pizzasyearly This gluten-free pizza dough can be rolled out, just like ..."
        "resultCount": "131000000",
        "engineCode": "google_en-us",
        "timestamp": 1339977766,
        "query": "pizza nyc"

Result attributes

Name Type Description
href string The URL of the result.
title string The title snippet of the result.
desc string The description snippet of the result.
contains array A list (array) of tagged information contained with the result. Where a 'contains' type has extra data, this is delivered as a further array value:
  • sitelinks
  • expanded_sitelinks
  • authorship
  • maps:text-link
  • rich-snippets:star-ratings
  • recent_articles
  • knowledge-snippets
  • amp-carousel (new - Google mobile/tablet results only)
type string (or array of strings) The type of result returned, which can occasionally be mixed:
  • universal:local (blended local)
  • universal:localbox (old style local 7-pack)
  • universal:local-stack (local "snack pack")
  • universal:images
  • universal:image-group (new - Google mobile results only)
  • universal:videos
  • universal:video-carousel
  • universal:news
  • universal:top-stories
  • universal:products
  • universal:in-depth-article
  • universal:flight-search
  • universal:app (iTunes/Google Play app install)
  • universal:amp (new - Accelerated Mobile Pages result)
  • universal:jobs (new - Google job listings)
  • people-also-ask (new - Google 'People Also Ask' accordion)
  • answer-box
attributes array Attributes that are included within some universal/blended results:
  • places_href
  • authorship_href
  • maps_href
items array Some result types contain lists of items (e.g., universal:images, universal:news, etc.). Item arrays contain one or both of the following:
  • title
  • href