/keywords/check POST

Allows you to poll for recent checks of a given keyword pair. You will likely be using a callback URI to handle this part of the workflow, however there may be times where you want to poll manually - for example if your callback URI has failed for any reason or you have lost historical data.

Required parameters

Name Type Description
keyword_id string The keyword_id that you wish to poll for.
engine string The engine_code that you wish to poll for

Optional parameters

Name Type Description
limit integer Allows you to set the number of historical check_id's to be returned. Default = 10, max = 30



Example response

This endpoint returns a key/value array of timestamp/check_id combinations. A check_id corresponds to a SERP fetch for the given keyword pair and should be used in subsequent calls to the /keywords/serp endpoint.

    "status": "ok",
    "request_time": 1332379131,
    "data": {
        "keyword_id": "4dc9acea045bbf04348f9691",
        "engine": "google_en-us",
        "checks": {
            "1332359153": "4eee7177c78772631c200000",
            "1332272753": "4eee7177c78772631c210000"

These timestamps/check_id's can then be checked against your local database to determine if new SERP checks exist within the API.