/priority/add POST

Allows you to add a keyword(s) to the priority queue. The priority queue is for ad-hoc and one-off keyword checks and therefore keywords do not persist beyond the initial request (unlike the daily queue). Priority requests take precedence over the daily queue so data is normally returned within 2-5 minutes depending on system load.

The priority queue is rate-limited to 60 checks per user per minute by default. Please contact support if you require more resource.

You can add a maximum of 10 priority checks within a single http request (i.e. 5 keywords on 2 engines = 10 checks).

Required parameters

Name Type Description
keyword string or array of strings The keyword(s) that you wish to add to the priority queue. Keywords must be UTF-8 encoded.
engines array of strings The engine_code's you wish to add for the given keyword(s) in the format {engine}_{locale}
string The geolocation you would like to restrict the search to. Accepted strings include zip codes, post codes or location names. As we use a global geocoder, be as specific as possible and always include the country (eg. Birmingham, AL, USA). Location strings must be UTF-8 encoded and work with google only.
string A callback URL. This will override your global callback URL for this request.
string The device to use in our User-Agent string. Accepted: desktop, tablet or mobile. (for more granular OS control, please contact support)


6 credits (per keyword pair). Credits are only consumed when and if data is available.

Example response

     "status": "ok",
     "request_time": 1332359153,
     "data": [{
         "priority_id": "4dc9acea045bbf04348f9691",
         "keyword": "car rental alabama",
         "engine_code": "google_en-us"
         "priority_id": "4dc9acea045bbf04348f9692",
         "keyword": "car rental alabama",
         "engine_code": "yahoo_en-us"
Note: you will receive a separate priority_id for each keyword pair supplied. If you have a callback URI setup for your account, you will receive a similar callback to a standard daily queue keyword except instead of a keyword_id, you will be supplied a priority_id param. Inside the callback will be a standard check_id which you can use in a request to the /keywords/serp endpoint as you would on the daily queue.