/priority/status POST

Allows you to check the status of a given priority request

Required parameters

Name Type Description
priority_id string The priority_id supplied by the /priority/add endpoint.



Example response

     "status": "ok",
     "request_time": 1332359153,
     "data": {
         "priority_id": "4dc9acea045bbf04348f9691",
         "processed": 1332359353,
         "check_id": "4dc9acea045bbf04348f9399"

If the priority request is still in the queue, you will receive a status: error message along with a description. The check_id supplied should be used in your subsequent request to the /keywords/serp endpoint.

Note: failed priority checks get requeued after 5 minutes, for a maximum of 6 retries. After this time we will no longer requeue and will instead report a failure. In this instance you will receive status: error and failed: true in the JSON response.