API Pricing

We've simplified our pricing! We've done away with 'SERP credits' and 'API credits' in favor of a simpler system. Pricing is now purely based on number of SERPs checked.

SERP Credits

One credit is consumed for each unique search query we make for you (and you're only billed for successful attempts).

$0.62/per thousand

API Credits

These credits are consumed when you make HTTP requests to the API. Each API endpoint has different costs (see the docs for specifics).

$0.19/per thousand

A typical example of checking 5000 keywords daily on Google.com only would cost ~$93 per month (plus our standard monthly account fee).

High volume user? - as your usage increases, your cost per thousand reduces. If you have a good estimate of your usage projections then drop us an email (info@) for more details.