API Pricing

Our usage pricing structure is based on two distinct types of credits. Each are consumed when certain actions happen within the core system, either manually via an API request or automatically via our queuing system. For a more detailed explanation of how it works, visit the pricing section within the docs.

SERP Credits

These credits are consumed when we check a keyword for you and the data is made available to request. Each one generates a free API credit too.

$0.62/per thousand

API Credits

These credits are consumed when you make HTTP requests to the API. Each API endpoint has different costs (see the docs for specifics).

$0.19/per thousand

!! important !! Because SERP credits generate API credits when they're consumed, if you only pull data once per SERP into your own backend you will never incur any API credit charges.

A typical example of checking 2000 keywords daily across Google, Yahoo! and Bing would incur 6000 SERP credits per day (with 6000 free API credits generated) = ~$111 per month (plus our standard monthly account fee).

The above credit costs are starting values - as your usage increases, your cost per thousand reduces. If you have a good estimate of your usage projections then drop us an email (info@) for more details.