/keywords/delete POST

Allows you to remove a keyword(s) and ALL associated engine combinations from the daily queue. If you only want to update the engine(s) tracked for the given keyword(s) then you should instead make a call to /keywords/add with the updated engine list.

Required parameters

Name Type Description
keyword_id string or array of strings The keyword_id(s) that you wish to remove from the daily queue. The keyword_id is supplied by the /keywords/add endpoint. Max keywords in request = 100.



Example response

    "status": "ok",
    "request_time": 1356280146,
    "data": [{
        "keyword_id": "50d730110244066f4b00003e",
        "status": "ok"
    }, {
        "keyword_id": "fake_kw_id",
        "status": "failed"